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Software Product Engineering

Our Software Product Engineering Team has over a decade of experience developing core business applications for Retail and Hi-tech industries that include retail management software, retail POS systems and payment device monitoring, workforce management software, branch performance management products and more.


Our application services extends to custom software development including web application development, mobile application development services (Windows, Android and iPhone app development), Enterprise Application Integration Services and Application Maintenance and Support Services.


Our end-to-end capabilities infused with our QA Engineering and Testing Consultancy Services enable us to ultimately create seamless and positive experiences among our customers. It is a testament to our technical proficiency and business acumen that we have established long lasting relationships with our customers, most which span over 5 years.

Enterprise Web and Mobile Application Development

Our enterprise web application development and mobile app development services range from complete custom software development to building functionality on top of existing applications with scalability and security your portfolio need. We have built core business solutions that include IoT and business intelligence platforms, branch performance management products, payment device monitoring, mobile check deposit, image and payment processing solutions, Windows, Android and iOS mobile apps, content archival, workforce management systems and more. We will ensure that your application portfolio:


  • Evolves and responds to the convergence of cloud, mobile, social, real-time and analytics.
  • Embrace Lean Techniques (DevOps, Automation, Agile delivery with reusable components) to build smarter applications and drive MVPs to production.
  • Inject multi-platform (iOS, Android, Windows etc.) mobile first mindset across both enterprise and customer functions.


Our development teams handpick the technology upon best fit to deliver future proof, distinct enterprise software; be it front-end technologies (Angular, ReactJS, Meteorjs), backend solutions or even languages (Java, .Net, PHP, Phython and C++ etc.).

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

We help your enterprise software portfolio and IT systems to seamlessly evolve and connect with an ever growing list of cloud, mobile, big data and IoT applications through micro-services, service oriented architectures and API management services to support today’s dynamic business needs. Overcome your Enterprise Application Integration challenges through:


  • Existing Infrastructure Audits and Assessments
  • Defining Enterprise Integration Architecture / Frameworks
  • Implementation and Testing
  • Meeting omnichannel, security and real time business constraints


Our Enterprise Application Integration services, infused with best practices, middleware components and suitable Enterprise Application Integration patterns, will achieve consistency in data, vendor independence and familiar interfacing across systems to enable business process automation without needing excessive technical or structural changes.

Software Application Maintenance and Support

We provide maintenance and support for enterprise software across the entire lifecycle adhering to industry standard tools, procedures and policies. With suitable analytics, monitoring and management services and automation, our enterprise application maintenance and support teams help you maximise your IT investment. This is complimented by our extensive knowledge pool built over a decade, Testing Center of Excellence and expert engineers and architects who can proactively help you solve issues, implement application modernization without breaking the customer experience.


To meet the demands of a digital economy,we provide application modernization services and application migration to help keep your legacy systems relevant and manageable without needing to start from scratch. This is made possible through added digital layers, migrating to data lakes etc. that transform your legacy systems into smart applications. They will now have the capability to connect and interface with other applications and systems in your IT portfolio, including the Internet of Things.


Agile Delivery

Consistent incremental development cycles.

Strategic Roadmap

Our PMO teams will guide you in taking MVPs to production with rapid enhancements to meet your goals.

Solution Design

Our software architects will develop solution blueprints adhering to proven enterprise design standards.

Business Analysis

One to one sessions with our BA teams to derive potential opportunities and bring future proof distinctive products to the market.

Bridging Strategy And Technology

Leverage our end-to-end expertise to assess and augment digital readiness of your application portfolio, identify growth opportunities and more.

Exceptional Engineering Talent

Talent from leading universities in the country including University of Moratuwa, the highest ranked university in Google Summer of Code since 2005.

Long Term Support

Lifetime maintenance support and feature enhancement with rapid resolution time and multi-channel service options.

Domain Expertise

Over 10 years of experience in building core business solutions in multiple domains including finance, healthcare, retail and gaming.

Environment Setup

On premise consultancy from our DevOps teams on complete infrastructure setup and development including hardware acquisition.


Remote Deposit Capture Product Suite

Complete suite of host and client side applications for electronic image based mobile check depositing.

Public Water Management System for MPWMD

Comprehensive database system for Monterey Peninsula Water Management District for managing, protecting and augmenting water resources.

Banking Performance Management Suite

Complete product suite for a Leading Financial Solutions provider that includes Branch Decision Support and Staffing Tools to tackle key management issues.

Cloud POS System 

Centralized operational control by synchronizing transactions, global pricing, menu additions, promotions etc. across multiple locations for a leading POS and payment solutions provider in the restaurants industry.

Electronic Signature Authentication 

A patented end to end solution facilitating biometric authentication of permits, drawings etc. for a Middle-Eastern government organization with mobile tracking.

Cloud based Mail Archive 

An auto scaling and e-discovery solution with mail archiving and searching, legal hold, auditing etc. for an email archiving company.


Payment Device Monitoring and Management


Zone24x7 employed its device agnostic monitoring and management tool, MATRIX24x7 to integrate with a Transportation Services Company’s device communication protocol to install updates and deploy applications.

Electronic Signs Monitoring and Management


Zone24x7’s device monitoring and management solution MATRIX24x7, was integrated with a Tier 1 Retailer’s pricing and inventory systems to generate and distribute sign content real-time.

Branch Performance Management Suite


A leading provider of branch performance management applications and consulting services, reached out to Zone24x7 in order to re-implement their existing applications.

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Legacy System Migration for Water Management District


Zone24x7’s application modernization services migrated the existing legacy systems to overcome complexities of the business rules and functional inefficiencies.