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QA Engineering

We offer our clients, the expertise to test complete end to end solutions from manual to automated testing. Over a decade, we have served our clients with proven processes and methodologies, which ensure consistent and predictable delivery of quality. This has helped us to build a rock solid repository of test cases based on best practices that reduce test case development effort from about 50%. Our technical teams consist of highly skilled individuals, who are proficient in various test strategies and testing levels.

Independent Software and Hardware Testing

Meet the demand of today’s challenging digital landscape dominated by mobile and smart devices, evolving operating systems and cloud services with our independent testing and validation services. Our Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) is equipped with a robust TMMi based test framework comprising of on demand tools, environments and methodologies. It gives you the foundation and flexibility to manage constant change requests and iterations in an agile test environment. Our services provide:


  • Business savvy, highly qualified QA experts, who understand customer behavior to test against a range of user stories.
  • Shift Left Techniques to scale the entire lifecycle in collaboration with your development teams to reduce critical defects up to 90%.
  • Analytics and dashboard engine that derive insights from test outcomes to determine testing progress and areas for improvement.

QA and Testing Consultancy Services

We help your QA and testing teams to bridge the gap between expectations of the highly demanding end users and the ultimate experience on offer by your hardware and software. Our software and hardware QA and testing consultancy services will enable you to establish organization-wide QA and testing practices beginning with a comprehensive Quality and Testing Maturity Assessment. The outcomes will be weighed against your business goals to establish end to end governance, roadmap development with test strategy and planning, test management and environments, tools and methods as appropriate. As a result, you will be able to :


  • Establish enterprise wide QA and test strategy
  • Commercialise your QA practice with well defined service offerings
  • Establish a Testing Center of Excellence and drive cost and process efficiencies
  • Seamlessly conform to regulation and industry standards without disrupting user experience


We also provide consultancy on targeted projects that require extensive expertise on specialized and non functional testing.

Specialized Testing

Our specialized testing services include:


  • Test Automation: based on our model based test automation product QV2. The product line covers Web, Mobile and API testing
  • Mobile Testing: we have the infrastructure to cover security, performance, usability, functional and automation on native, hybrid and mobile web applications across major platforms (iOS, Android etc.) and devices (iPhones, Samsung etc.).
  • Hardware and Embedded Testing: include Component, Integration and Systems testing for embedded projects that consist complex and smart connected devices.
  • Performance Testing: we identify your performance bottlenecks and help you establish performance baselines, tune performance and comply with performance goals.
  • Security Testing: verification and validation services based on the 6 security principals namely Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication, Authorization, Availability and Non-repudiation.


Our teams also provide QA and consulting services in Application Testing, UI/UX Testing, Database Testing and Service Level Testing.


Exceptional Talent

40+ dedicated testing professionals with over 2600 workdays experience; 90% certified specialists (ISTQB).

Hardware Testing

Embedded Hardware And Software Testing to qualify and ensure compliance of electronic products.

End To End Testing

Comprehensive Application Testing including API testing, performance testing and expertise in automating e-commerce sites.

Testing Center Of Excellence

Meeting industry standards through our QA framework modeled on TMMi for QA Maturity Assessment.

Flexible Delivery

Expertise in various service delivery models: Fixed Fee, Managed And TaaS.

Innovative Shift Left Techniques

Introducing testing as early as requirements and development phases in the application life cycle to ensure stringent adherence to quality.


Automation for a E-Commerce Website

Implemented a test automation framework reducing test scripting efforts for Tier 1 Retailer’s e-commerce web application.


  • Regression automation test coverage increased by 37%.
  • Defect finding efficiency increased by 114%.
  • Compared to manual testing, time efficiency in Test Design and Execution phases improved by 152%.
  • Average cost savings between 37% – 42%.

QA Consultancy on Performance

Consultancy services to identify and resolve performance issues primarily in shared resources to manage more customers and enhance hardware usage a POS solutions provider.


  • CPU usage reduced from 98% to 70%.
  • Reduced accessibility constraints on a critical feature from 59ms to 40ms.

Hardware and Software Testing

Comprehensive testing on the entire electronic image based remote check deposit product suite for a leading RDC solutions provider.


  • Reduced virtual memory usage from 80Mbps to 40Mbps
  • At any given time, registration of check scanners and mobile phones was increased from 200 devices to 400 devices.
  • Integration testing of 3 generations of check scanners with the web application.
  • Firmware and drivers of 3 generations of check scanners.

Braille to Go with NBP

Hardware testing on the world’s first Android Smart Device for the blind and visually impaired community. Designed and developed in collaboration with National Braille Press of the USA.


  • GPS accuracy improved from 20% to 99%.
  • Compass accuracy improved from 5% to 99%.
  • Eliminated noise to achieve smoother output from the mic.
  • Improved camera performance by 50% in different lighting.
  • Endurance testing to ensure device reliability.

Automation and Performance Testing

Automation and performance testing services for a Financial Solutions Provider’s Banking Performance Management Suite developed by Zone24x7.


  • For an avg of 50 concurrent users, portal login optimized from 7s to 3s.
  • Build Acceptance Testing time reduced up to 8 times from 4hrs to 30mins.
  • Regression test effort reduced from 10 man-days to 4hrs.
  • Created room for additional 4 days of exploratory and specialised manual testing needs.

API Automation 

Automated testing on the middle tier service, which will replace the existing recommendation engine of a Tier 1 Retailer’s Big Data Recommendations Platform.


  • Around 366 automated test cases with 100% test coverage.
  • Zero residual defects.
  • Reduced execution time from 5 days to 3hrs.
  • Covering more than 60% endpoints of the Management Portal while testing EDE.


Total Quality Management


Zone24x7 was entrusted with crafting the QA process of a Financial Solutions Provider from strategy formulation to ultimate product delivery including manual/automation test execution and performance testing.

Identity Document Verification 


Establishing quality at service, security and performance levels for an advanced identity verification solution powered with an image processing agent for Financial Solutions Provider.

Test Automation for E-Commerce Website


A Tier 1 Retailer reached out to Zone24x7’s Automation Team for support in establishing a vision and strategy for regression testing in their e-commerce website while promoting automation within their teams.