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Since 2003, our dedicated innovation team has carved out a niche for themselves by learning fast on disruptive technologies and unleashing that knowledge as we take you on the road to production. We offer technology Proof of Concept (PoC) services to assess strategic relevance before you commit to large capital expenditures while simultaneously assisting in the identification and generation of patents to secure our client’s IP.


 We also do requirements development to help model the best use cases for your business and implement ground breaking technologies such as robotics, big data, IoT and more.

Digital Experience

Our Digital Experience services helps you define seamless, engaging and hyper-personalized Omnichannel customer experiences that surprise and delight your customers. Across Web, Mobile, Social and Physical landscapes, we constantly harness data with our advanced IoT and analytics capabilities to anticipate and define new experiences.


By leaning on our partner Innovation Network and Proof of Concept services, we employ behavioral insights derived from your customer interaction points, into cross channel digital experiences. This way, leverage the latest technology advancements in Mobile, Cloud,Gaming, Virtual and Augmented Reality and more to:


  • Deliver Emotional and Hyper-Personalized customer value beyond mere functional value
  • Commercialize your investments in Data and IoT effectively for superior ROI
  • Attract, retain and build high levels of customer loyalty
  • Cultivate a continuously learning environment to better serve next generation customers

Robotics & AI

With a pragmatic Design Thinking approach to solving complex automation challenges, we reimagine environments in retail, healthcare etc. for omnichannel operational efficiency and customer service. Our work in the field of intelligent robotics and artificial intelligence encompass:


  • System design (including perception and mapping capabilities with techniques such as Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
  • Sensor fusion and point cloud processing for robot localization and mapping
  • Design of navigation and control systems for autonomous navigation
  • Obstacle detection and avoidance in dynamic unstructured environments
  • Development of simulation environments to evaluate the performance of autonomous systems


We also offer domain specific custom algorithm development, technology proof of concepts (POC), investor demonstrations, machine vision based solutions and UX design for robotic applications.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our unified IoT Platform (for retail, healthcare, banking and finance) form the eyes and ears of a digitally enabled environment. The platform senses and feeds customer behavior into an advanced analytics engine in order to derive insights and intuitively trigger real time events across all customer touch points.


Our solution enable the easy integration of existing and future customer interaction points, IoT applications on top of your existing infrastructure and is powered with a matured Central Management and Control mechanism that supports provisioning, over-the-air updates and more. It facilitates the inter-connectivity required between multiple edge nodes and enterprise services to try out IoT concepts, use cases and discover new revenue streams instantaneously.

Big Data & Analytics

As industries and services become ever reliant on data we help organization make the transition into fully data driven entities. Be it customer data monetization, optimizing customer experiences, predictive analytics, omnichannel commerce, targeting and more, our services will enable you to present powerful customer value propositions in your industry. Our Big data service offerings include:


  • Big Data Strategy and Setup: We start by discovering potential Big Data opportunities for you. From there we will help you set up your Big Data ecosystem on top of your existing systems including infrastructure and architecture.
  • Big Data Implementation: With tailored roadmaps and adhering to data governance best practices, we will take you on the journey to meet your goals.
  • Big Data Analytics: We introduce advanced algorithms and analytics engines to improve your capabilities and drive descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics on your industry and customers.



True End-to-end Expertise

Customer centric innovation from ground-up custom hardware designs through to software implementation and testing.

Exceptional Talent

Engineering talent from leading universities in the country including University of Moratuwa, the highest ranked university in Google Summer of Code since 2005.

Customer First

Human centric design thinking to obtain 360 degree view of the customer, inspiring disruptive solutions.

Testing Center Of Excellence

Our TCoE is a dedicated division to qualify and ensure compliance of electronic products.

Innovation Partner

Over 200 concepts as the Innovation Partner for 2 of the top 3 department stores in the US.

IP Protection

We help in the identification and generation of patents to secure your IP. We also possess 13 granted and 13 provisional US patents.

Appetite for Risk

Flexible culture encourages associates to take smart risks and come up with new ideas.


Virtual Fitting with Mixed Reality

A mobile platform, where customers can virtually fit- on their favorite clothing items on their 3D model and share a snapshot via social media.

Shopping Pal

An automated smart shopping cart that can guide the customer to their desired items within store or follow them to provide assistance in scanning products, checking prices, checkout etc.

Augmented Designer

A mobile platform, where customers can virtually place furniture in their home, allowing customers to preview if the selected merchandise fit the premises in dimension and aesthetically before purchase.

Body Metric Platform

A modular smart body metric system for fitness/sports that guide wearers to perfect their desired pose against a professional’s pose while measuring their vitals such as heart rate, body temperature etc.

Smart Hanger

A smart BLE tag attached to a garment that provide in-store customers with product information at a nearby display or on their mobile phone.

Fashion Lens

An image processing based smart mobile solution which customers can use to find products similar to clothing items identified from a picture input by the user.


AZIRO – Autonomous Retail Robotic Sensor Platform


Department stores are looking at AZIRO as a robotics based automated approach to hands free inventory management with RFID. It is now being tested in stores.

Electronic Signs Monitoring and Management


Zone24x7’s device monitoring and management solution MATRIX24x7, was integrated with a Tier 1 Retailer’s pricing and inventory systems to generate and distribute sign content real-time.

Braille to Go (b2g) Android smart device for the blind


Braille to Go (b2g) is an Android powered smart device for the blind and visually impaired with inbuilt Braille support providing the modern day smartphone experience for the blind community.