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Embedded Systems

We offer our clientele the benefit of seamlessly integrating both hardware and software to develop complete product solutions. Over a decade, Embedded Systems service has enabled Zone24x7 to serve a clientele seeking to compete as Cost Leaders or Disruptors in their respective category.


Our vast experience captures Embedded System Design and Development Services that range from Embedded Hardware Design that includes PCB design services, microprocessor and microcontroller based embedded system designs to Embedded Software Development such as embedded Linux development, firmware targeting UPOS compliancy for POS devices and more.


We also have sailed through generations of building of RFID solutions from handhelds and Fixed RFID reader based solutions to RFID inventory tracking robots. As markets continue to mature at a rapid pace, we believe Hardware and Software co-designing is what deliver best-in-class solutions that will break new ground and inspire.

Embedded Hardware Design

Our Embedded Hardware Design team provide comprehensive services from concept custom hardware design to actual production ready design implementation. Together with our partner innovation network, close collaboration with OEMs and ODMs and expert teams consisting of industry gurus, we are ideally placed to deliver exceptional services that has undergone advanced modeling and simulation. These include:


  • Microprocessor and microcontroller based embedded system designs
  • Schematic and PCB design and FPGA
  • CPLD and SoC based design

Embedded Software Development and Firmware

Our Embedded Software Development and Firmware services provide end-to-end capabilities from design, development to final testing, validation and reporting. We are in an ideal vantage point to ensure seamless functionality and connectivity of smart, complex devices to realize your IoT requirements. We have over 14 years of experience with development for Microprocessor and Microcontroller  based embedded systems design conforming to location and other integration specific requirements. Our offerings include:


  • Android/Linux based system solutions
  • Embedded Linux/Windows driver development
  • System-on-chip


and Middleware Components such as:


  • Standard & proprietary SDK development
  • UnifiedPOS compliant driver development
  • Protocol stack
  • Domain specific libraries development.


True End-to-end Expertise

Customer centric innovation from ground-up custom hardware designs through to software implementation and testing.

Exceptional Talent

Engineering talent from leading universities in the country including University of Moratuwa, the highest ranked university in Google Summer of Code since 2005.

Customer First

Human centric design thinking to obtain 360 degree view of the customer, inspiring disruptive solutions.

Testing Center Of Excellence

Our TCoE is a dedicated division to qualify and ensure compliance of electronic products.

Global Partnerships

Over a decade of experience in partnering with OEMs across networks of manufacturing plants and geographies.

IP Protection

We help in the identification and generation of patents to secure your IP. We also possess 13 granted and 13 provisional US patents.

Innovation Partner

Over 200 concepts as the innovation partner for 2 of the top 3 department stores in the US.


Braille to Go with NBP

The world’s first open source Android Smart Device for the visually impaired and blind community built in collaboration with the National Braille Press of USA.

Smart Payment Terminal 

Conforming to industry standards such as PCI with the the design and development of a custom payment kernel with provision for external payment gateway integration for a Smart Payment Terminal Provider.

Electronic Vehicle Platform 

Firmware development of a Propulsion System Manufacturer’s  next generation EVs including proprietary Inter-module Communication Protocol, Battery Management System and Vehicular Control Unit.

Design and Development of Check Scanners

Hardware design and firmware customization of 3 generations of check scanners for a leading RDC Solutions Provider

Electronic Signature Displays

E-Signs solution for a Tier 1 Retailer powered with Bi-Stable display technology from initial concept design to final production, boasting longer battery life, firmware level image compression and 180 degree viewing angle.

POS Payment Solutions

Firmware development for secure payment devices since 2004 including Remote Monitoring and Management and Consultation.


AZIRO – Autonomous Retail Robotic Sensor Platform


Department stores are looking at AZIRO as a robotics based automated approach to hands free inventory management with RFID. It is now being tested in stores…

Braille to Go (b2g) Android smart device for the blind


Braille to Go (b2g) is an Android powered smart device for the blind and visually impaired with inbuilt Braille support providing the modern day smartphone experience for the blind community.