Embedded Systems | Zone24x7
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Embedded Systems

We offer our clientele the benefit of seamlessly integrating both hardware and software to develop complete product solutions. Over a decade, this distinction has enabled Zone24x7 to serve a clientele seeking to compete as Cost Leaders or Disruptors, in their respective category. As markets continue to mature at a rapid pace, we have the capability to give you the technological edge to thrive and grow with a unique blend of Embedded Software and Hardware designs.

Hardware Design

Microprocessor and microcontroller-based designs, Schematic design and PCB development and FPGA, CPLD and SoC based design.

Firmware and Development

Android/Linux based system solutions, Linux/Windows driver development, system-on-chip embedded software and firmware development.

Middleware Components

Standard & proprietary SDK development, UnifiedPOS compliant driver development, Protocol stack and Domain specific libraries development.