Zone24x7 Company Overview
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Who We Are

Zone24x7 Inc. is a global technology innovations company, established in 2003 by Founder CEO Llavan Fernando and CFO Saw-Chin Fernando. Zone24x7 Inc. has built a successful track record in serving Fortune 1000 organizations in Retail and Hi-Tech sectors. Zone24x7 Inc. is considered as a valued partner and a trusted adviser to some of the most visionary and innovative technology leaders in the C-suite for Retail, Banking/Finance and Electronic Payments industries.


Prior to establishing Zone24x7, Llavan was the Co-Founder of @POS Transaction Systems, which was acquired by Symbol Technologies and at present a Zebra Technologies company. @POS was a pioneer in the development of digital signature capture based products. Llavan and Saw-Chin also founded Zone24x7 (Pvt) Ltd. in Sri Lanka as a separate entity, which offers skilled engineering resources and related technology services to Zone24x7 Inc. Both organizations are closely associated, share similar values and business focus with an emphasis for disruptive innovation to develop best-in-class solutions.


Zone24x7 (Pvt) Ltd, currently employees over 200 associates with plans for further expansion. The company perceives leading edge Research & Development as a priority in serving areas of Innovation, Embedded Systems, Quality Assurance and Product Engineering. Zone24x7 (Pvt) Ltd. primarily offers solutions for Retail and Hi-Tech industries. This entity also manages the Electronic Systems Research Center at the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka.


Over the past 12 years, Zone24x7 (Pvt) Ltd. was subjected to numerous national and international acclaim including Presidential Award for High-Tech and Innovative Products in 2014/15 and APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) Gold award in 2015.

Meet Our Leadership

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Llavan Fernando

Llavan Fernando

Llavan Fernando is the Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of Zone24x7 Inc. He was formerly the President and Co-founder of @POS Transaction Systems .

Chief Financial Officer Saw-Chin Fernando

Saw-chin Fernando

Saw-Chin Fernando is the Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer. Saw-Chin oversees the operations of the distributed teams in both the US and Sri Lanka.

Vice President of Strategy and Technology Neschae Fernando

Neschae Fernando

Neschae Fernando is the Vice President of Strategy and Technology. He also oversees the patent and IP protection plans for Zone24x7.

Gerard Fernando, PhD

Gerard Fernando is the Chief Research Advisor. He provides direction in Strategy and Technology for Zone24x7.

General Manager and Vice President of Engineering Sankalpa Gamwarige

Sankalpa Gamwarige, PhD

Sankalpa Gamwarige is the General Manager and the Vice President of Engineering. He leads operations of the Advance Technology and Research Centers in Sri Lanka.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tim Becerra

Tim Becerra

Tim Becerra is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He also aligns new partner relationships that expand and diversify the company’s products and services.