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    our clients the ultimate technology and innovation edge with a unique combination of ingenuity, technical proficiency and business acumen.

    Headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley in San Jose California, Zone24x7 provides complete technology solutions from initial custom hardware designs to software development and implementation services.

  • Leadership

  • Zone24x7 creates and sustains value by harnessing the power of its people.

    We are committed to continually investing in our team and company resources maintaining a positive learning and development culture at Zone24x7. We encompass a proven track record successfully supporting our clients and the community creating a winning environment for all. Understanding that building a cohesive working environment and fostering team growth creates a unique environment for Zone24x7 to attract the best technology talent.


  • Join a Team with a Winning Attitude!

    We welcome well rounded professionals and budding engineers to join our team and work with some of the brightest minds, finding solutions for tomorrow's problems.
  • At Zone24x7, we embody the values of Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit across all our activities.

    This provides ample opportunities for young Intrapreneurs and Mini CEOs to thrive in our environment where they would lead mission critical technical teams and function in dynamic environments emulating the behavior of a typical Entrepreneur/Intrapreneur hence coined as "Technopreneurs".

    At Zone24x7, young Technopreneurs embrace a wide array of leading edge technologies and tools which allows them to be well rounded professionals with a good understanding of the direction of technology evolution. This is an important trait of Knowledge era Technopreneurs who are versatile and ride the next technology waves successfully without entrapping into a single technology or vendor.At Zone24x7, a fertile breeding ground awaits such Technopreneurs who wishes to find “meaning” in their professional careers and propel them to the epicenter of global high tech revolution.

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